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Basmati 5Star


A non-aromatic and imported popular rice variety especially for the low income households, and schools. The rice is popular for it’s pocket friendly price, however the rice tends to easily cake.

Brown Rice


Naturally high in fibre and low in fat, brown rice is a fantastic source of complex carbohydrates that helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Unlike white rice, Brown rice retains all of it’s essential healthy vitamins after the milling process, which is why it’s known for being a ‘wholegrain’.

Kenya Pishori


Pishori is Kenya’s version of Basmati rice and is very common. However, due to differentiation in strains, the grains tend to be a bit shorter and stout compared to those of Basmati. One should be careful when selecting a Pishori brand to purchase as most “pure Pishori” labels are just a blend of basmati with long grain rice. The Kenyan Pishori therefore tends to be stickier and tends to overcook if covered.

Sidano or Biryani Rice


Sindano or Biryani Rice is a popular, non-aromatic, imported rice variety consumed especially in budget-conscious households. When cooked the rice separates easily; another reason for its popularity.  Being a popular rice it has also become prone to being mixed with other cheaper variety, so it is advisable to procure this rice from trusted rice vendors.

Super Basmati Parboil


Super Basmati Rice is well known for its excellent cooking, extra long grain, very unique and excellent taste and nutty aroma. Also the length of Super Basmati rice gets doubled after cooking. This finest rice type, popularly known as best quality rice and this comparatively low-yielding grain is sought after for its excellence, superior fragrance and grain length.

Tanzania Pishori


A very aromatic rice, mostly popular for it’s strong aroma. Pre-cooking sorting  is a challenge because of tiny white stones which makes it difficult to separate the broken rice.  The rice also requires a lot of attention in cooking, as it tends to cake.  It should be  cooked in low heat at 1.5 part water instead of 2 part water ratio to rice as in the other variety.

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